Places To Be Seen

• Pamukkale Hierapolis Archeological Museum : 1 km • Hierapolis Antique City: 1 km It was founded at B.C. 190. The grave of Christian Apostle
St. Philip, which is stated in the four holy books is here..Reference:Prof.Francesco D’Andria, • Karahayıt Kırmızısu Spring: 1 km
• Laodikya Antique City: 12 km It is one of the famous and impportant city of Anatolia in the first century B.C. One of the famous 7 churches
of Little Asia is here and this is showing that the Christiandom is very important there. Reference:www.pamukkale.gov.tr
• Colossae Antique City: 35 km One of the 7 churches stated in the bible is here. • Kaklık Cave: 35 km In the cave there is a huge travertine mass.
These travertines which are similar to Pamukkale are formed by the waters of Kokarhamam Spring (Haydababa Spring),
which is in the near of the cave and which water are flooding in the cave. • Denizli Ethnography Museum 22 km • Akhan Caravansarei: 19 km
It is one of the last caravanserais of Anatolian Seljukians in the west. • Aphrodisias Antique City : 70 km Aphrodisias took its name from Aphrodite,
the love and beauty goddess, it was a famous antique city in Augustan Age with adoring to Aphrodite and it is with its well preserved antique
structures one of the most important archeological places of Turkey. • Ephesus”The house of the Virgin Mary”: 165 km This house were
Virgin Mary has stayed has been visited by Pope VI. Paul on 1967 and Pope II. Jean Paul on 1979 and announced by the Vatican as holy.
Reference:www.meryemana.net • Denizli Bazaar: Buldan(35 km), Babadağlılar Building(20 km), Historical Fortress Inner Part (20 km),
you can find special textures, cultural and handicrafts.